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Original Indonesian Crystal X Authorized Distributor

Original Indonesian Crystal X Authorized Distributor

Original Indonesian Crystal X Authorized Distributor, We are an official business partner of PT. Natural Nusantara (PT NASA), Marketing Original Crystal X / NCX Original directly to consumers.

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What is Crystal X Nasa

  • Crystal X is a special herbal product for women from PT Nasa for the care of intimate organs to keep them clean, healthy, neat and free of vaginal discharge. Made from natural ingredients such as betel leaf extract, aloe vera and seaweed, Crystal X Nasa has obtained a distribution license from BPOM so it is safe to use. Crystal X has a shape like a crystal bar, has a length of 6 cm and a diameter of 1 cm, the color of Crystal X is green. Packed in a black cardboard box on the outside and black mica plastic on the inside. The original Crystal X is equipped with three safety seals to prevent counterfeiting. For those of you who have never seen the original Crystal X shape first hand, here we provide a view of the image.

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Crystal X New

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Benefits of Crystal X For Female Organs:

The benefits of Crystal X are actually no longer a secret. There has been a lot of information circulating on the internet as well as testimonies from those who have used Crystal X Nasa which can be found easily. There are at least 10 benefits of Crystal X for female organs that can be obtained from using the product correctly and regularly according to the instructions for use from the company. The benefits of Crystal X from NASA are based on the experiences of consumers who have used the product:

  1. Overcoming and preventing vaginal discharge
  2. Eliminates and kills bacteria and viruses
  3. Eliminates bad odors
  4. Overcoming infection and irritation
  5. Remove the scale in the vagina
  6. Increase sensitivity to stimuli
  7. Flex back wall miss v
  8. Narrowing miss v
  9. Helps overcome cysts
  10. Prevent cancer
  11. The results obtained by each consumer can be the same / different from one another.

Original Indonesian Crystal X Authorized Distributor, Serving orders in large and small quantities, accepting orders throughout Indonesia and Abroad.

Is it true that Crystal X is so good that the benefits can be so many? Isn’t Crystal X just a beauty product and not a medicine (according to the permission given)? How can a cosmetic product be claimed to have a medicinal healing effect? Is this not an over-claim that could actually harm consumers? These are a series of questions that may arise in the minds of some consumers after reading various news (issues?) About the benefits of the original Nasa Crystal X.

The following is an explanation that hopefully can answer consumer doubts: First, formally Crystal X is a cosmetic product (not a medicinal product), according to the permit issued by the authorities. But can’t cosmetic products have a healing effect? The answer, of course, CAN. How many non-medical products have very good healing effects. There are facial cosmetic products that can effectively get rid of acne.

There are food products that are very good to use to stop ulcer disorders. There are also certain soft drink brands that are highly recommended for people with diarrhea. As long as it is used according to the official instructions given by the company, there will be no problem.

Likewise with Crystal X. It is very important for consumers to follow the rules and procedures for using Crystal X properly. For that, consult with the Nasa distributor where you shop, both before, during and after using the product.

Display of Crystal X Before Changing NASA NCX

Crystal X Old

“In order to get a complete explanation about the benefits, side effects and how to use Crystal X, it is highly recommended to buy only from the official distributor of PT Nasa”


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The various benefits of Crystal X for the female organs above are a summary of the experiences and testimonies of consumers, not one-sided claims from distributors or the company PT Natural Nusantara. Some other Crystal X consumer testimonials are even quite far from the actual product function, such as to treat hemorrhoid and acne problems.

How to use Crystal X Nasa:
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The correct way to use Crystal X according to the official brochure from PT Nasa is as follows: Wet Crystal X with water Apply Crystal X around the lips of the vagina after bathing Clean Crystal X and store it in a dry place Dosage for use: 1-2 times a day after every shower Can Crystal X be used in this way put in the vagina? Officially, the product user manual from the company does not recommend such a thing. However, many consumers do this and there are no side effects.

The Secret to Staying Young With 100% Safe Herbal Products Without Side Effects

Price of Original Crystal X Nasa.

  • The price of Nasa’s original Crystal X for the island of Java is IDR 200,000, not including postage. But why is Crystal X cheaper in many marketplaces and websites? This is one of the differences between real and fake Crystal X. For original products, the price has been officially set by PT Nasa at Rp. 200,000. Meanwhile, for products sold below the official price, the company or distributor is not responsible, because it is very likely that the product being sold is a fake Crystal X.

For consumers this is another way to differentiate between real and fake products. If you buy from an official distributor, the official Crystal X price is Rp. 200,000. However, if you choose a cheaper price, consumers can find it very easily online. Of course all the risks posed by the use of counterfeit products are entirely the personal responsibility of the consumer concerned.

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Between Real and Fake Crystal X
The problem of real and fake Crystal X is one of the important issues that should be explained to consumers. Although the circulation of counterfeit products cannot be eradicated 100%, providing a clear and complete explanation to consumers is one of the company’s responsibilities. By having complete knowledge about genuine products, it is hoped that consumers can make the right and wise choices before making a purchase.

Original Crystal X

  • The original Crystal X is only distributed by PT Natural Nusantara (Nasa) and its distributor network throughout Indonesia and abroad. The original Crystal X can only be purchased through the official distributor of PT Nasa. The original Crystal X is sold at a standard price of Rp. 200,000. Crystal X is not sold in pharmacies or supermarkets in the country

Fake Crystal X

  • Many fake Crystal Xs are sold freely online in large marketplaces, fake Crystal X sellers are usually not official distributors of PT Nasa, so all the consequences caused by the sale / purchase of this counterfeit product cannot be attributed to PT Nasa or its distributors. On average, fake Crystal X is sold below the price official

What are the dangers of using fake Crystal X?
Original Indonesian Crystal X Authorized Distributor

Using counterfeit products, regardless of type, always carries risks. The variety of dangers that lurk, of course, depends on the type of product and its use. What about the fake Crystal X? The dangers of fake Crystal X are generally related to health risks because as a cosmetic product, Crystal X will come into direct contact with the body during use. Because the part of the body that is in direct contact with the product is the female organ, the risk posed is of course more serious than cosmetic products used on other organs that are not too sensitive, such as nails, for example.

Although there have been no reports of problematic fake Crystal X use cases, at least consumers should consider the following points before choosing to use real or fake Crystal X. Fake Crystal X is not clear whether the manufacturer or distributor company.

This is related to the issue of accountability. If consumers who use fake Crystal X experience problems when using the product, there is no agency or company that can be asked for information, consultation or responsibility. Different, of course, from the original Crystal X. Everything related to the product, including product information, how to use it, side effects, prices, etc., can be consulted with the official Nasa distributor where consumers shop. It is not known what materials were used to manufacture fake Crystal X.

Because on average, fake Crystal X is sold at a price far below the price of real Crystal X, it is likely that the materials used for its manufacture are different both in type and quality. Unfortunately, if fake Crystal X is made using materials that are risky to health, especially female organs , consumers cannot make claims to the producer or seller company.

What about the original Crystal X?

  • First, all materials used have been tested and approved by the BPOM, so their safety is guaranteed. Second, the original Crystal X is circulated by a legal company and its position is clear, namely PT Natural Nusantara Yogyakarta. From the above, it can actually be concluded that the danger of fake Crystal X is actually quite serious, because it is not known the material for which it is made or the company responsible for the product. . For this reason, it is highly recommended that consumers only buy and use genuine Crystal X, even though the price is slightly higher than the fake one.

Crystal X side effects

Because it is made from 100% natural ingredients, this product has no negative side effects.

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